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Lifeguard Training

You must turn 15 by the last day of class in order to be eligible for Lifeguard Training.

Lifeguard Training classes have 4 parts:

Pre-Test: This is swimming test to make sure you will be physically able to complete the Lifeguard Training class. You will be asked to swim 300 yards (combination of front crawl and breast stroke), tread water, using legs only, for 2 minutes, and retrieve a brick from a depth of 7-10 feet.

CPR/AED: This segment is held in a classroom. You will watch Red Cross videos, study from a training manual and practice CPR and skills on special mannequins. You will also learn how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator.)

Lifeguard Lecture: This class is held in a classroom. You will watch Red Cross videos, review the training manual and become familiar with lifesaving skills. You will also practice first aid skills such as bandaging.

Pool Time: These classes are held in a swimming pool. You will practice the physical lifesaving skills that you discussed in the Lecture class.

The course is approximately 30 hours long. Most students complete the course in about a week, attending class 5-7 times.

We hold classes at all of our offices as well as various high schools. At your interview, you will receive a schedule of classes in your area.

Classes start each year in February and continue throughout the spring and summer. We offer weeknight and weekend classes.

Lifeguard Training certifications are valid for 2 years. This includes the CPR/AED component.

You must attend ALL classes! You must take a written test at the end of the Lecture class and pass the final skills test at the end of Pool Class.

The American Red Cross allows for accommodations for disabilities to be made (such as taking a written test orally) as long as all course requirements are met.

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